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Hi, folks, it’s Gregory. I wanted you all to be able to hear us do some shopping and travel through anomalous terrain, and meet someone with a cool car and a cool hat. But some of the recording quality issues are taking me longer than I hoped. And I haven’t been feeling the best. So it’ll be another week before we get the next episode.

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We’ve also had some recording and scheduling issues. So this kind of just means that I’ll have a bit more of a backlog hopefully, and we won’t have to skip a week later.

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If you can’t go another week without some words for me relating to role playing games, thanks to a prompt from my Patreon backers, I wrote an essay called “Actual Play Does Not Portray Actual Play. Actually.” You can read that at And it even has a few notes about the edits I did for the first episode of Ego Driver.

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So thank you for your patience and I’ll talk to you on the next episode of Tabletop Garden.

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