Tabletop Garden is an actual-play podcast where we collaborate on short, self-contained stories about interesting characters, and we do it with an agenda. Throughout each campaign we discuss values, techniques, and how to play with intention.

Where should I start?

Our Agenda

In each campaign, we strive to:

Honestly portray diverse characters

We’ll portray flawed characters with a variety of backgrounds, identities, and perspectives in a way that is honest to them as people. We’re willing to play characters different from ourselves, because every character is different than ourselves. We’ll only play characters when we’re confident we can do them justice.

Pursue healthy play practices

We’ll consider each other as people first, and make sure that everyone is comfortable with how the game is going. We’ll actively use the tools we have to improve the play experience. Games don’t have to be fun, but they must not be toxic.

Craft story with social responsibility

Because we can craft any story, we will craft stories that improve the world. We won’t ignore dark realities or avoid exploring rough topics, but we will always leave room for hope and justice. Good stories and good conscience are friends, not enemies.