In the solarpunk post-apocalypse, someone is raiding the food stores of the Dome. In response, the humans have armed themselves and diverted a river. The situation draws the attention of Tragos, Trial, Overrun, and Tancho, four mechanical guardians who travel to the dome to find out who is threatening the peace of the region.

In our pilot campaign, BrendanLucyMelissa, and Zoë join Gregory for a short game of MECHANICAL ORYX by Grant Howitt.

3 thoughts on “MECHANICAL ORYX

  1. Hazel Benton says:

    Hey I’m just wondering if this is going/is an actual thing? I was searching for actual play of mechanical oryx and your site here was the most promising find. I’d love to listen if/when it ever happens!

    Best wishes,

  2. Gregory Avery-Weir says:

    Hi! This is still a thing; editing on the pilot has taken forever but I should have time to make progress over the next couple weeks. The show isn’t officially launched, as you can probably tell from the site. 😀 You shhhhhhould be able to subscribe to in a podcast player and get notified when episodes actually exist, but no guarantees. [Ed: You’ll need to subscribe to, I’m afraid.] I’ll definitely be announcing it on Twitter at @gregoryweir once there’s something to show.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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