02.01: Ego Driver – Beat It

Ego Driver
Ego Driver
02.01: Ego Driver - Beat It

CW: Strong language, violence.

A ragtag band of Ego Drivers does battle in the open roads of the wasteland against a contingent of the Jacko Gang. Jones smokes out a car. Vake tells someone to be quiet. Karloff provides tow truck service. Comet plays the siren.

In the first episode of our new campaign, Ben, Jim, Lucy, and Zoë join Gregory for Ego Driver, an original story of postapocalyptic, postcolonial, vehicular combat using the BESM 3 system by Guardians of Order.

We also discuss one of our principles for this campaign: “Save yourself. The world is your enemy. Be ruthless. Even your allies are expendable if it means fighting for another sunrise.” What responsibilities do we have when playing amoral characters or exploring questionable situations?

This is the first episode in a short campaign projected to last 7-10 episodes.

Comet "Baby Teeth" Sharps
Zoë’s rendition of her Ego Driver character, Comet “Baby Teeth” Sharps

Our theme song for this campaign is “Wasteland,” a single by Phantom Elite, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license. You can buy the song on Bandcamp.

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