02.02: Ego Driver – Niederdorf

02.02: Ego Driver - Niederdorf

CW: Strong language, violence.

How will our Ego Drivers survive the final assault of Beat It? How can they tolerate the oasis of Niederdorf after their battle in the wasteland? And who’s their next target? Jones goes underground. Vake refuses an invitation to a gathering. Karloff makes small talk. Comet resupplies.

Ben, Jim, Lucy, and Zoë join Gregory for the second episode of Ego Driver, a postapocalyptic road war using the BESM 3 system by Guardians of Order.

We also discuss the rules system and the tradeoffs of systems that require guidance and high fluency with their specific ruleset.

Our theme song for this campaign is “Wasteland,” a single by Phantom Elite, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license. You can buy the song on Bandcamp.

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