02.04: Ego Driver – Smooth Criminal

Ego Driver
Ego Driver
02.04: Ego Driver - Smooth Criminal

CW: Strong language, violence.

Our Ego Drivers were sent to take out Smooth Criminal, but it looks like his partner might be more trouble than he is! Can Vake survive an encounter with her rifle? How good is Jones’s throwing arm? Has Karloff started offering tours of the countryside? And will Comet manage to keep her feet on the ground?

Ben, Jim, Lucy, and Zoë join Gregory for the fourth episode of Ego Driver, a postapocalyptic road war using the BESM 3 system by Guardians of Order.

We also discuss disability in postapocalyptic fiction. Why is it so prevalent and how do you present it well?

Our theme song for this campaign is “Wasteland,” a single by Phantom Elite, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license. You can buy the song on Bandcamp.

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