02.05: Ego Driver – Yetnikoff

Ego Driver
Ego Driver
02.05: Ego Driver - Yetnikoff

CW: Strong language, violence.

Back in Niederdorf, our Ego Drivers are about to receive their next assignment: discover where the Jacko Gang is getting their technology! But how is their next target connected to Comet? Why has Jones taken up demolishing buildings? Is it really that easy to win over Vake? And can Karloff put the fear of himself in them?

Ben, Jim, Lucy, and Zoë join Gregory for the fifth episode of Ego Driver, a postapocalyptic road war using the BESM 3 system by Guardians of Order.

A shout out to RPG Casts, an excellent directory of roleplaying game podcasts created by Tess of I Am Hear, who puts particular focus on marginalized voices and accessibility. Tabletop Garden is newly listed in their site!

Our theme song for this campaign is “Wasteland,” a single by Phantom Elite, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license. You can buy the song on Bandcamp.

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