Ego Driver Housekeeping, Postmortem, Plans

Ego Driver
Ego Driver
Ego Driver Housekeeping, Postmortem, Plans

Hello, folks! Thank you for listening to Tabletop Garden: Ego Driver. A summary of the news in this episode:

  • I’ve put up a patron-exclusive postmortem of Ego Driver with behind-the-scenes info and reflections on what worked and what I would have done differently. For over an hour of my thoughts on the campaign and a sneak announcement of the next campaign, support me on Patreon at!
  • Please promote the show: rate and review it on your favorite podcasting platform, show it to your friends, or post it on Discord or Twitter or whatever social platform you use. I’d love to get more people listening!
  • I hope to get a preview of the next campaign up here soon. There’ll be a hopefully-short break afterward to let me finish recording and editing it, and it’ll start airing when I’ve finished editing the whole thing.

Thank you so much for listening and for any support you give. Talk to you later!

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